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A blow of a witch

I got a blow of a witch on Saturday morning. I am a busy guy. I was gardening at my backyard. I bought soil from Walmart and wanted to seed okra. I was taking soil from a bag and moved to a container and tried to stand up. What was that? I couldn’t stand up. I tried to do it again but felt a huge pain on my back. Oh finally came to me. I knew what was that. This was a blow of a witch. Recently I was losing a vision and it is the beginning of presbyopia. I don’t need reading glasses so far. Bu I will need them near future. I am look young but not. Looks good but inside of my body is not good, maybe. Fortunately, it was not bad and I could walk. So, I worked Saturday night and canceled playing golf on Sunday and stayed home. My employee introduced me a good massage lady. She is from Taiwan. She really has a good reputation and reasonable price. I went to her place on Sunday night. She cannot speak any English and I explained it to her husband. She did a good job and did foot step massage. It was painful but it worked. I feel better today and try foot massage by myself. I have foot massage magnet mat at my home. I didn’t use it much seriously. But I am really use this time. I also have a foot bath with vibration and bubble. I try this, too. Our foot steps are connected with all internal organs. I stimulate my step㔁make it strong and keep my body healthy.

Anago, Sea Eel

I buy fresh Anago, Sea Eel from Japan. We have Unagi, fresh water eel and Anago.
Unagi is from China and farm raised. Made in China? Don’t worry. Our supplier is a Japanese company and they pay attention well. Of course FDA check it after landing.
Any way, I need to cut Anago. I put a nail around eye and keep staple otherwise cannot cut. Ango skin is really special. It is covered with slippy things. I wash anago with salt and take slippy things but still slippy. I need to cook ango after cut. I use sake, mirin, kelp, sugar and light color soy sauce. I cook about 30 min..
Anago season is around June- July. There is a reason. Anago live in the ocean but it is near by river. Japan has rainy season and it is June-July. River stream bring a lots of mineral from mountain. We have a lots of rain in rainy season and anago is very happy for that.

Flying fish, Tobi Uo

Flying fish. Have you had before? The season is spring to summer. You might have tobiko, flying fish roe. I get fresh one every week from Japan. You can see why they can fly about 100 yard.

Is this wings or fins. They have 2 large and 2 small. How about taste? It is a family of Sayori, halfbeak. No fat, clean taste and good with ginger, scallion.

Easy to catch and not in danger means price is low.

Sea Bream, Madai

This is sea bream. Japanese name is Madai. We used to use Red Snapper but changed. I read an article in Chicago. One of restaurant in Chicago got a fine from government or somewhere because of using a wrong name. After that, we changed the name. Our supplier also changed the name as same reason. You can go to myfoxatlanta.com, i team report. They took red snapper from 7 sushi restaurants here in Atlanta and sent to NJ for DNA test. Only 2 restaurants were right. Other 5 restaurants sold tilapia as red snapper. I need to explain this. The problem is with suppliers. They sell Izumi dai. This isumi dai is tilapia. It looks like tai, red snapper family. So restaurants sell it as red snapper.
By the way, all sea bream is farm raised. You see the fat in the picture. They are in a small net and cannot swim much. So they can get fat easily. They also get sun burn. Normally, sea bream stay at bottom of sea. But farm raising net cannot set the bottom of sea. The sun shine go through the sea and fish get sun burn. madai color is close to red but some are a little bit dark. That is sun burn. It is good to know.

Chilean Seabass

I’ve been selling Chilean seabass. This fish is in danger, I know. But Tuna is also in danger. Most of fish will be gone near future. But we have to eat. This fish is almost 3o LB. I cut in 100 pieces and be marinated with Saikyo miso plus more. I normally use white miso, sake, mirin, honey, sugar and yuzu juice and leave 2-3 days. I think Seabass saikiyo yaki is one of the best grilled fish. I will sell this until the end of supply.