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Taka Update July 19, 2017

Taka Update July 19, 2017

Fish Information
I have good tuna from Japan. This is Blue fin tuna. If you like toro, you must try it.
Live scallop is available. But it is summer time, some are bad because of high sea temperature, let’s say if I but 10, 2-3 are bad. It happened last year.
Uni is fine. I have Japanese and Chilean uni. Both are not bad.
I have fresh wild caught Shima Aji, striped jack this week.
And I have fresh Albacore from Oregon. Fresh albacore is summer time only. Must try!

Monday is Sushi Day.
We have Monday Special. Selected wines and sakes are $5 by the glass. Sapporo Draft beer is $3 by the glass. All togo orders are 20% off. These offers are Monday only. We have 2 more days in July.

Patio is closed because of Hot weather.
Some people want to seat at patio. It is too hot to eat. We serve sushi and sashimi, fresh cold items. You might get sick. And a few people complain about this. “Your sushi is not cold, it is warm”. We had this weird complain before. Please understand.

Aging comes from foot.
Locomotive syndrome is a condition of reduced mobility due to impairment of locomotive organs. Since upright bipedal walking involves minutely controlled movement patterns, impairment of any aspect of the locomotive organs has the potential to adversely affect it. In addition to trauma, chronic diseases of the locomotive organs, which progress with repeated bouts of acute exacerbations, are common causes of the locomotive syndrome.
We really need to be careful after 50 years old. We have to train bones, joints, muscles and nerves. Walking is good starting exercise. You can start with 20minutes walk a day.
http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/jdi.12703/abstract You can read more. Good luck!

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