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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Taka Update Febraury 26, 2014

 Taka Update February 26, 2014

Fish delivery and more

It is not easy with wild caught fresh fish these days. I really felt bad last week. We had President Day and Japanese fish was 1 day only delivery. And Friday was super day. We did not have much fish on Saturday. So we have to prepare with frozen fish and farm raised fish sometimes. “Hey no more fish today, we close now.” It is easy to say it, but customers get mad. I see some restaurants in Japan. They decide how many they sell daily and close the door when sell all. If I have a small restaurant like 10-15 seats, I can do that. This is my forever task. Making customers happy and making by myself happy. Many people think I am happy with making money but I am not happy sometimes. Busy businesses make bad services and foods occasionally. But no matter what, people come and we have to take care of them.  I am trying always.

Uni is coming tomorrow. Tuna is negative so far. Hawaiian fish is great. I have Uku, Snapper, Mahi-mahi, Walu and Tombo. I started Sawara, Spanish mackerel again. It will come tomorrow. Japanese fish has season and I try to buy seasonal fish.


Sunshine May Lower Your Blood Pressure

Warnings to stay out of the sun may be overlooking a potentially important health benefit of sunshine, new findings suggest. While too much sun exposure may bring on skin cancer, researchers have found evidence getting some rays could protect against high blood pressure, a condition known as the silent killer.

Researchers in the United Kingdom gave healthy study volunteers a dose of Ultraviolent-A (UVA) radiation in a lab, corresponding to what they would receive while under the sun for about 30 minutes during summer in Southern Europe. In response, the participants’ blood vessels dilated, and their blood pressure decreased, the researchers report.  

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, can lead to potentially fatal cardiovascular diseases, such as heart failure or stroke, although many people may not even know they have it.

I agree with this article. We need to play outside oh house. I say this is just like vegetables in green house. Green house vegetables are looked good but not strong and not much taste. Vegetables grown under Sunshine are strong texture and taste really good and contain well vitamins and minerals, I believe it.
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Taka Update February 19, 2014

 Taka Update February 19, 2014

Fish delivery and more

Today is our anniversary Day. Taka Sushi was opened on February 19, 2002. It was a long way to open and was a very short period to reach 12 years.

I have great tuna, big eye tuna stomach side. And I have tons of uni today. Japanese fish is coming tomorrow because of Holiday issue as usual.


Children as young as two turning to coffee
More and more, kids in the United States are turning to caffeine-laced drinks, and in particular coffee drinks, including children as young as two years old, according to a newly released study.

The research, published in the journal Pediatrics, found that caffeine is the most popular “drug” among kids — more so than pot or alcohol (and at a much younger age). The study found that the share of caffeine consumed by kids and young adults in the form of coffee, aged 2 to 22, rose to 24 percent in 2010, up from 10 percent a decade earlier.

And while soda continues to reign as the caffeine king, its share of caffeine consumption is falling. Caffeine via soda consumption among kids declined from 62 percent to 38 percent over the same period, the study found, and a lot of this is due to a couple of factors — the increase in awareness of soda’s profoundly negative health effects and the rise of alternatives to soda — the experts say.

Kelp empowers the thyroid gland and encourages weight loss
Kelp, which is sometimes referenced as brown algae, is a sensational herb that comes from the sea. It is literally loaded with an extensive amount of trace minerals and vitamins. It’s probably safe to say that no other seaweeds provide the same impressive quantities of various essential nutrients. Interestingly, plants coming from the sea have retained their high nutritional value through time. The same cannot necessarily be said of land vegetables and fruits which continuously face the consequences of ongoing soil erosion and pollution.

Kelp is strongly filled with iodine, protein, fiber and sodium alginate, a substance known to help remove radioactive elements from the organism. Since keeping decent iodine levels does play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy thyroid gland, the regular consumption of kelp is definitely something to be encouraged in others. It is also believed that seaweed may empower the digestive system or even act as a blood purifier.

Kelp is a natural diuretic and besides helping to get rid of excess water, it can be relied upon to remove accumulated toxins from the body. The plant has also long been used to strengthen nails and even encourage hair growth, or at the very least help reduce split ends and breakages. Some scientists now believe that kelp is on par with other known superfoods after research has shown its remarkable weight loss and anti-aging properties.

Researchers at the University of Newcastle studied the effects created by kelp’s fibers when consumed. They immediately noted a considerable reduction in fat digestion and absorption, especially when compared to most other weight loss treatments on the market. Knowing that iodine plays an essential role in combining with tyrosine in order to regulate various physiological functions, the general consensus is that kelp, a great source of iodine, directly helps the thyroid gland to properly normalize metabolism and in turn encourage weight loss.

In 2009, Japanese scientists experimented on obese mice induced by a high-fat diet. The goal was to find out how rats would react to being given tororokombu, a traditional Japanese food made from kelp. They quickly realized that kelp was responsible for lowering triglyceride levels.

Back in 2008, another study showed that the kind of iodine found in kelp actively helps remove from the blood cells, the ravaging free radicals known to unfortunately stimulate the aging process.

Kelp’s magnesium, iron, calcium and potassium contents can be quite beneficial to women during their monthly cycles, pregnancies and lactation periods. These minerals also play a role in fighting off infections, notably during the flu, cold or allergy seasons. The iron combined with magnesium also helps maintain a healthy bloodstream and overall homeostasis.

Believe or not, I just eat kelp by itself. It is dried kelp, salty but tasty for me. I always say kelp is natural vitamins and minerals without side effect. But I only eat thin part of it.
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Taka Update February 05, 2014

 Taka Update February 05, 2014

Fish delivery and more

I think today’s tuna is the first good tuna in 2014. It is big eye tuna, stomach side. We will see it when the delivery comes. Uni is not available this week so far. It might come at the weekend. All other fishes are fine. Iidako, Baby Octopus will be gone next week. And I will get Hotaru- Ika, Firefly Squid is coming. Firefly squid is also called Toyama Squid. Toyama is the place that Firefly squid is caught.


Salt-Water Fish Extinction Seen By 2048


It might happen.It is very simple, over catching, pollution  and climate change.


February 19th, Our 12th Anniversary Night

Yes, this is our time,our show time and our tradition. Draft beer is 12 cents, Hot sake is 12 cents, Edamame is 12 cents and more. Please make your reservation on this day. Thank you for supporting our business. 2013 was great year for us. And our business is still growing.

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