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Monthly Archives: April 2013

This week’s Tuna


This is big eye tuna, 1/4 is around 40 lbs.
Just chu-toro only. I expected nice toro but was OK.
The price we bought was same as well-fat toro.
I can sell Negitoro Don around $17. The last week’s Negitoro Don was $25.


The Masters Monday Tradition

I always go to Augusta Masters Monday. This is our mission with friends. We don’t go to the course, but to see the players and give some foods for cheering.

I got Monday and Sunday tickets.
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We will be closed tonight.

I got 2 tickets for Monday.
I will leave here around 1pm.
Taka is not working at Sushi Bar, it means I close the business tonight.
I will come back late night and go back to normal operation on Tuesday.
I will go back to Augusta on Sunday again.

Our new chopsticks

Our New Chopsticks
We just changed chopstick. We use this kind of non-disposal chopsticks.

If we use 100 a day, we make 36500 sets of chopsticks trash a year. We have to reduce it.
And I like this design.

Taka Update April 3, 2013

Fish delivery and more

I have Bluefin tuna from Japan. It is called Tenku-Maguro, 100% farm raised tuna. Kinki University made up this 100% farming system. It took 32 years to establish. This is totally different from other farm raised tuna. You have to try it.

Many fish are available this week. I had Fish Omakase yesterday. I’ve been doing this for 2 months. And this is the last supply. People get bored to eat this omakase fish.Uni is fine, there is no problem. The Masters is coming next week, I am ready for it.

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