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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Taka Update March 14, 2013

Fish delivery and more

I finally received good tuna this morning. It was big eye tuna, size was around 50 lbs. I had stomach side and very happy to have this.

I also have Sakura Masu, Cherry salmon, wild caught in Hokkaido, Japan. This wild salmon is amazing, meat is super tender. You must try.

Uni is not available now but will come tomorrow. Thank you God, it’s Friday.

Taka Sushi Atlanta Facebook

I am continuing add pictures. I do normally about 10 pictures. Please go to Taka Sushi Atlanta. Like it?

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Taka’s Fish Arts

What do you think? I thinks these pictures are good.

March 12 Fish Omakase detail

I received the information from our supplier.

Hagatsuo, Bonito from Nagasaki
Hira Suzuki, Sea Bass from Nagasaki
Chikame Kintoki, Alfonsino from Nagasaki
Renkodai, Red Sea Bream from Nagasaki


Normally Bonito meat is red but Hagatsuo meat is not red. It is white.
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