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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Taka Update February 27, 2013

Fish delivery and more

Tuna supply is bad this week. I had yellow fin tuna only at the beginning. And I have big eye tuna but this is from Hawaii, means there is no toro.

Uni is very limited this time because of bad weather in CA.

Japanese fish is fine, there is no problem. I buy Fish Omakase every Tuesday, this assortment is fun and our customers are very happy with that.

Taka Sushi Atlanta Facebook

I am continuing add pictures. I do normally about 10 pictures. Please go to Taka Sushi Atlanta. Like it?

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Fish Omakase February 26, 2013

Let me introduce my fish.

Arakabu, Rockfish
Shokko, Amber Jack
Onagakuro, Opaleye
Kaiwari Aji, Jack fish
Hobo, Sea Robin

2013 Accenture Match Play Champion is here.

What a surprise!
He played yesterday in AZ and won. I watched TV and was very happy.
And he was at my place tonight to eat with friends.
Matt Kuchar was a very nice guy.
I made Yellow Jacket Roll for them, most of friends were from GA Tech.
And I made Green Jacket Roll.
It will happen in April 14th,
I will close on April 8th Monday dinner business and go to Augusta to cheer up him.And come back there on Sunday afternoon to watch the game.
Iam very exciting.

Fish Omakase 2/26 Information

I received the information about Fish Omakase for February 22nd.

Onagakuro,Opaleye from Oita
Sounds like Tataki is the best. Seared style with lemon ponzu.

Kaiwari Aji, Whitefin Trevally from Nagasaki
This is a group of Jack fish.
I make sashimi, simple way.
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