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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Taka Update January 31, 2013

Fish delivery and more

I received big eye tuna 2 days ago. Our supplier said low fat, and that was right. I gave up to sell this low fat toro as toro. So, it is same as last week. I will remove Kisu, Whiting and will get Kohada, Gizzard Shad.

Fish Omakase is coming next Tuesday. I don’t know what is in it. They send an assortment of best fish right now.

Hotaru Ika, Fire fry Squid is just started. I will get boiled one next week. And Nore Sore, baby eel is also started. This one is also coming next week. All other fishes are fine.

Nore Sore, Sea Eel baby It is clear and long,small.
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Ramen is very popular but…

As you know, ramen noodle is getting popular. If you go to NYC, you can see ramen store everywhere.
It’s crazy. Americans start to eat unhealthy ramen. And it is popular in NYC and CA.
I think they don’t know ramen is high calorie.

According to my research, simple ramen is around 500kcal. and heavy one is more than 1600kcal.
If ramen is 500kcal, noodle is 343 kcal and top. Soup is around 50kcal.
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I received big eye tuna but….

Our supplier told me yesterday about this tuna. It was low fat tuna.
And he was right. It is very low fat toro is available.
It is good as tuna, red meat.

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Onigiri, Rice ball

I make onigiri sometimes. It is not on the menu but our customers ask me to make sometimes.
Onigiri is rice ball. There are many ways to make but I like simple way like a picture. I use Yukari rice seasoning and make it. Yukari is red shiso seasoning and has nice flavor.

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Something New right now.

Tuna supply is not great but we always have something new.
Iidako, baby Octopus.

Iidako season is just started. I get it uncooked condition. I boiled and serve with Sumiso, miso vinegar mustard. I cut head and cook it.
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