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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Pictures of Tuna

I think this tuna is wonderful. And i cansay the best of November and October.
The quality is very good. The meat is very firm. If we wait a couple more days, the taste gets more better.
I bought 53 lbs, I ordered 1/4 stomach side.It was really heavy when I carried to the cutting board.

Taka Update November 27, 2012

Fish delivery and more


I just received very good tuna. It was big eye tuna and 53 lbs for . So, I can say the total weight would be 250 lbs. It is very good quality and I can say the best tuna in 6 months. I will show you the picture late night on my blog. I know you don’t have time and much budget for Christmas shopping but this tuna is worth to eat. All other fish are same as usual. I have uni and no problem.


Closing Information

We will be closed from December 23rd to 25th. I am not going to anywhere this time.

Vitamin D Supplements Won’t Help Cholesterol Levels: Study

Boosting vitamin D with supplements may not improve blood cholesterol levels among people who have low vitamin D levels, a new study suggests.

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I am losing weight very naturally.

I started this diet after Thanksgiving Day. My weight was 176 lbs. on Friday morning.
I ate this picture’s food for breakfast. I ate soba and some salad for lunch. I ate salad again for dinner.
Then my weight was 172.6 lbs on Saturday morning.
I ate same way on Saturday. I just added power bar and a piece of bread for lunch because I played golf. Dinner was same as Friday night.
My weight was 171 lbs Sunday morning. I ate same way until lunch. But I went out with friends.
We went Italian. I ate 2 pieces of pizza, asparagus, grilled oyster, some pasta, and a glass of beer only.
I take a green tea after I got home.
My weight was 170 lbs this morning. I think I will see 169 lbs tomorrow.

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Eat to Live

One of customers gave me this book. It was in September. And I had no chance read this book but I made it.
I brought this book to Hawaii. I thought this was diet book, yes it was but there were so many interesting data here.

I really felt bad after I read this book. We’ve been eating so much animal protein.
And we can take same protein from plant like broccoli.
This doctor really about eating raw vegetables, fruits, less eating meat.
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Tonsoku, Pork Feet

I have no idea how many Americans eat this kind of dish. You don’t want to see pork feet, especially around nail.
But upper part is really tasty. And you can get natural collagen, Botox.
I cook pork feet with pressure cooker and grill it.
And add negi-miso, scallion miso sauce. This is really good.
So far I sold for a African American, Indians and Japanese. They loved it.
This dish is not on the menu, special dish for this week.