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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Sujiko, Fresh Salmon Roe

This is our first time to serve Sujiko, fresh salmon roe.
It is same as Ikura, Salmon roe.

So, what is the difference?
Sujiko is just like th epicture, just come out from stomach. It get together.
I have to remove skin and take each by each.
Then, it become Ikura.
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This is tuna of this week.

I am not much happy with this tuna.
I was expecting but it was OK tuna, same as last week.
It sounds like shortage of tuna around world now. Over catching, over eating and season issue? I am not sure but I feel X day is coming very soon.

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Taka Update October 09, 2012

Fish delivery and more

It’s not easy this week because of Columbus Day and Japanese Holiday. We get Japanese fish on Thursday. We don’t get anything today and tomorrow. I canceled some fishes like Magochi and Hata. Then I replaced Tachi-Uo (belt Fish),  Sawara(Spanish mackerel) and Kawahagi(Thread sail filefish). I also can get fresh Salmon roe from Japan. This is the limited offer.

New tuna is coming tomorrow. Our supplier said this tuna had small toro. But we never know until cut.


Tachi Uo

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Food safety in China and more

Did you know more than 1000 people got food poison in Germany? It was from frozen strawberry from China.
You can see many YouTube videos.
They made Gyoza dumpling from papers before.
They made ice from river water.

Chinese imports and food safety  PBS

China is 100 years behind U.S. in product and food safety. CNN

Pollution in China  CBS
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Did you know that?

I found yesterday. I don’t buy Swiffers any more.
Costco Surface wipes is much much cheaper.