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Monthly Archives: October 2012

A story of this week tuna.

1, I had a good news from our supplier on the phone. So, I ordered 40 lbs. And that was stomach side.
But I saw a big hole on surface,

Then, I cut tuna. OMG, there were so many holes. And meat was melted. I talked with supplier. ” I cannot make sushi with this tuna, I will return.”
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Sushi is dangerous food, isn’t it!

I saw this article at AJC.  We really need to be careful. Raw food is always dangerous.

Restaurant inspections

A Japanese restaurant in Suwanee recently received a routine inspection score of 39/U because the person in charge wasn’t maintaining food safety.
The Gwinnett County health inspector said the certified food safety manager wasn’t ensuring food was kept at the right temperatures, or utensils were cleaned properly and food stored correctly.
In addition, the manager could not identify the five illnesses that should be reported to the health department if an employee brings them to work.
Among other noted violations, an employee reached a bare hand into a vinegar mixture for sushi rice. Another employee washed a container and knife without using soap or sanitizer.
Some frozen salmon had not been kept at temperatures low enough to kill parasites. The inspector told them not to serve it raw or undercooked. The restaurant’s menus did not include a consumer advisory disclosing all raw or undercooked items.
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30% is finished

I just finished 30% of renovation.
coming more in a week.
Am I tired? Physically tired but mentally good and is break even.

Say good-vye to Old Paint

I finally decided to change the color of wall.
It started on Saturday. I think it takes a week. It’s all my job.
Painting is good for me, meditation, achievement but makes me tired physically.

This is the best! Kawahagi

This is Kawahagi, file fish. I sold Umazura Hagi last year. So someone remembers this type of fish.
I say stripper, not dancer.
This fish has hard skin like shark but can remove like this picture. So, I say stripper.
Anyway, you have to eat this fish with liver.
It is not like Ankimo, Monk fish liver. It is very good. And it was sold out already.

It will come back next Thursday.