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Monthly Archives: September 2012

JJ / Japanese own Japanese restaurants.

 I was watching Youtube and thought. This bideo was in Japanese but the title was “protect Japanese sushi culture.”
You have to eat good sushi, real sushi. So I write this.
I let you know Japanese own Japanese restaurants list.

Waraku  I-85 North Suwanee
Bule fin Sushi  I-85 North Duluth
Tokyo Shokudo  I-85 North Duluth
Tanaka Restaurant GA400 Roswell
Circle Sushi GA 400 Northridge
Bishoku I-285 Sandy Springs
Ege I-75 North E Cobb
Yakitori Jinbei  I-75 North Windy Hill
Umezono I-75 North Windy Hill
Sushi no Bo  I-285 Cobb
Taka  Buckhead
Tomo Buckhead
Rusan’s Buckhead
Shoya Doraville
Rusan’s Midtown
Sushi Hayakawa
Nakato Restaurant
Sushi Yoko

I think we have more than 150 sushi places in metro Atlanta but only 18 places are owned by Japanese.

I don’t say all are good. I just list Japanese owners.

Uni with something, why not?

This is Uni with Ankimo, Monkfish liver pate, Why not? It’s good.
And Uni with Toro Sashimi. Why not? This is really good.

Taka Update September 26, 2012

Fish delivery and more

It’s finally, we got good tuna yesterday. I posted the picture on my blog. Our supplier did not expect until they cut this tuna. I had a phone call from my sales person in the morning.

I can make tons of Negitoro Don for you. All other fishes are fine,

Weight Control and Golf

I went to Eastlake GC on Sunday. I did not see many people. They just followed Tiger Woods. I felt sad this was Top 30 players championship and not many people to see it.

Golf is still minor sports if we compare NFL, MLB, NBA.

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Good tuna is coming back!

We never know. I thought I could not get good tuna this week. I just got a phone call from our supplier this morning. They were cutting tuna and surprised with good condition,
I just ordered 15-20 lbs initially. So, I changed to 35 lbs.
This is stomach side with oh-toro.
Toro part is very thick.
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No more curtain?

This is our new style. I took all curtains away.
Why? We had Fire inspection last week.
We had Fire inspection before we opened in 2002. And this is 2nd times after that.
The inspector said that our curtains were not fire resistant and need to spray for resistant or need to buy fire resistant curtains.
So, what was the easy solution? “Just take it.”
It looks bigger and wider.
O ordered fire resistant curtains online. But these are placed in front of bathroom and kitchen.
And I paid $400.
We also need to change EXIT sign and more things come out.
She will come back next week.  I need to prepare for it.