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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Free Japanese Culture Summer Camp for Rising 6th Graders!

It is summer and your kids might stay all day. This is a great offer from Conslate general of Japan. Free summer camp is available.

Kids will get to learn all about Japanese culture, including writing Japanese characters with a calligraphy brush, experiencing a traditional tea ceremony, listening to a shamisen (Japanese banjo) performance, folding paper cranes, arranging flowers Japanese style, learning karate, and much more!
Monday, July 9 through Friday, July 13
9:05 am – 11:45 am
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Taka Update June 13, 2012

Fish delivery and more

Good tuna is coming today. This is big eye tuna and the size is not big like last time.

I ordered and around 30lbs. I am expecting this tuna.

Kinmedai did not come yesterday. It will come tomorrow.

I just changed the menu. I took off Fried calamari, our long time seller and replaced Pan fried Spicy Calamari. I also add Coconut Shrimp. This is a kind of Hawaiian essence.

Some cold appetizers are also available.

Focus young people and old people follow. Keeping same menu means get old restaurant and keep old people. If we focus old people, young people don’t follow.

Focus ladies and guys follow. It is same reason. We have so many ladies customers and am proud of this.

Weight Control and Golf

It was rain and the golf tournament was cancelled. I was so frustrated. I want to play golf. Anyway, I will play this Sunday.

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The truth about sushi, how to eat sushi healthy.

My friend sent me this. What do you think?

A sushi dinner can weigh in at a paltry 200 to 300 calories, or easily top 1,000 calories. What you order “” and how much of it “” is what makes the difference. We went to nationally known registered dietitian Tanya Zuckerbrot for some tips to help you enjoy your next sushi meal without the worry of gaining weight.

Lighten up by skimping on rice
:What’s sushi without rice? Sashimi “” and ordering it will save you quite a lot in refined carbs and calories. One piece of tuna sashimi (approximately 1 ounce of protein with no rice) has about 35 calories. Make it a piece of tuna nigiri (with rice) and it’s about 61 calories. A typical sushi roll is prepared with one cup of rice, which amounts to three servings of carbs and 240 calories. And that’s before the fish, vegetables and any sauce has been added.

Tanya’s Tip: Order “Naruto.” Have your roll wrapped in cucumber instead of rice and you’ll save a few hundred calories. If you are craving rice don’t worry. Just ask for your roll to be prepared with “light rice” and, if available, request brown rice for a nutritional boost.
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Taka Update June 07 2012

Fish delivery and more

Vacation is over! Hot summer is coming. Eat cold sashimi and sushi. That’s a good idea in summer.

I had information about big eye tuna yesterday. Our supplier said “Light fat in it”.

So I decided to not buy it. The last time was really bad and needed to choose right one.

Uni supply is not bad. It is available. Japanese fish is also no problem.

The 2 bad news are available. Kanpachi is not available. And live Scallop is also not available. I have no idea about those items. Those are not FDA holding.

I erased Blue Shrimp from the menu. This was FDA holding. How long? I’ve been waiting for releasing from FDA for 2 months. Are they on vacation?

Weight Control and Golf

I gained weight in Hawaii. And I also got sick the last day in Hawaii. I am getting better now. And the weight is coming back to normal. It was 168 lbs. If I take vacation, I gain weight. If I work every day, I can keep my weight. That means I don’t need vacation. I made vacant some part of brain this time. That was a good point.

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