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Monthly Archives: May 2012


Yes, we are rated very well.
Food score is same from last time. But decor is 1 point up, service is also 1 point up.

Taka Update May 09, 2012

 Fish delivery and more

We have big change this week. Japanese fish is coming on Thursday because of Holiday in Japan.

You don’t need to come Wednesday this week.

But if you would like to taste good tuna, just come. Again? Yes, I will get good one on Wednesday. The size will be same as last week.

Tobi Uo, Flying fish is in season. I also try something new,


Weight Control and Golf

My weight situation was better than last week. It was 168.6 lbs. It was not good but not bad.

Golf game was great. I played Saturday and Sunday. I did not lose any money.

We have Japanese Chamber of Commerce May tournament this Sunday. I am defending champion and do it again.

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That’s why Soy sauce is salty.

I found crystals of salt on top of soy sauce can.
And I really realized that’s why soy sauce was salty.
We just cannot see it in soy sauce but so many salt in it.

This is from Mayo Clinic
You’ve been trying to eat less sodium “” just a pinch of table salt on your baked potato and a dash on your scrambled eggs. But a pinch here and a dash there can quickly add up to unhealthy levels of sodium. Consider that just one teaspoon of table salt has 2,325 milligrams (mg) of sodium. And it’s not just table salt you have to worry about. Many processed and prepared foods already contain lots of sodium “” and it’s these foods that contribute the most sodium to your diet.
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CAS freezing?

This squid is not ordinary freezing one. It is called CAS freezing, Cells Arrive System.

The CAS Mechanism
CAS freezing works on the simple principle that water molecules cannot cluster and form cell-wall-damaging ice crystals if they are in motion during the freezing process. Whereas a microwave vibrates water molecules to generate heat, CAS uses a rotating electrical field to spin water molecules. Read More →