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Monthly Archives: May 2012

One night Dried Ika

This is common scene in country area in Japan.
But this picture is from Buckhead Atlanta. I bought Surume Ika and cut it, applied some sea salt and dried one night at outside.
They we just grill it. It is really tasty but American people might not understand this flavor.
If you really like true Japanese food, must try this. It is not on the menu. Just ask for it.


This is really disappointment.I thought I could get good tuna 3 weeks straight. That dream is gone.
This is back side like last week.
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Summer fish is coming!

A big one is Suzuki, Japanese Sea Bass. I like Suzuki Arai, moment seared suzuki with plum soy sauce.
Suzuki is clear meat and has nice texture.

A small one is Tobi Uo, Flying fish. I could not sell well last season but tried this season.
I think the best way is tataki style like Aji. Lightly chop and mix with grated ginger, scallion and shiso.

Taka Update May 15th 2012

Fish delivery and more

I ordered big eye tuna on Monday and came on Tuesday. I really expected good one but was so disappointed.

It was just like a blind date. Just imagine that someone introduces a cute girl for me. I was very excited to meet her. Then I went to a place to meet her. And she was not beautiful, was overweight.  Someone gave me the wrong information.

It was exact same this time. Our supplier said that very good tuna was available. They had the information from a shipper in Miami.

Then tuna was arrived and cut. There was no toro, was just read meat only. And the price was high enough as good tuna.

I really complained for discount. And our supplier was asking the shipper for discount. It was easy to complain now. I just took some pictures with smart phone and sent them. This was great technology.

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Is this good?: Delmonte Fruit

This is from Costco. I liked it. The first thing is around $4.00.  There are pineapple and papaya in it.
I sometimes buy some fruits and cannot finish. Then I dump them.
So, this is economically great product,
Do I buy again? Yes, I do.