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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Taka Update May 23, 2012

Fish delivery and more

Memorial Day weekend is coming. We will be closed 7 days. I ordered less Japanese fish this time.Some are coming, some are not coming. Obviously I did not buy much tuna. Actually I don’t get good tuna this week.Uni is coming on Wednesday.

Closed Information

We will be closed the business from May 27thto June 3rd.

I go to Hawaii for vacation, but I bring PC and do some project. I will not make sushi in Hawaii.

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Is this tasty? ; Yogurtiamo

Costco is fun place and I always buy something new.
I found this Yogurtiamo this afternoon.
There was no question, I just bought. A good thing was this was not ice cream.
Frozen yogurt made me some healthy images.
You might remembered they had frozen yogurt bars last time. Those were not great and gone from the shelf.
I just tasted mixed berry sauce, I liked it.

I am looking forward to taste blood orange sauce very soon.

New Pickles from Tokyo Tsukiji Fish Market

OMG, These pickles are really tasty.
Many people think Tokyo Tsukiji Fish market sells fish only.
They sells dried sea products, pickles and more.
I always buy pickles from there.
They make fresh pickles and really tasty, not salty.
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New Fish Just Arrived!!!

Akamutsu, Black throat
 It is called white meat toro.
This meat is really tender and fatty.
2 pieces of Nigiri sushi in NYC is $18.00. I sell it $9.50 as Georgia price.

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Dehumidifier, This is good one.

I was reading Consumer Report and found this. This is Frigidaire FAD704DUD and water tank capacity is 70pt.
They also have medium size and this capacity is 50pt. The price is not much different. 70pt is $240 and 50pt is $200. So I decided to buy 70pt.
I have basement and need to keep dry. I used to use disposal one but tired to dump water and replace chemical.
This dehumidifier has a big capacity tank and timer. So, there is no problem to worry.

I bought this from Amazon .com , my online store.The orice was $200.