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Monthly Archives: March 2012

TAKA Update March 21, 2012

Fish delivery and more

We have big eye tuna. It is very good condition but no toro. Toro is Bluefin Oh-toro only.

Uni? Do not worry about this anymore. Yes, we do.

Weather is changing a lot and we have a new menu for early summer.

I cut healthy body soup, fried oyster and more. And I added Tuna Poke, Flounder special and more.

Sayori, Harfbeak is almost end of season. I ordered Mana-Gatsuo, Butter fish and Ainame, Fat Greenling for April must fish.

Weight Control and Golf

I had a week late birthday party at my home and had meat, wines, cake and chocolate.

Those were really tasty but all tasty still stay around my belly. I gained 168.0 and 3 lbs. over weight. I eat salad for my lunch. I am not a rabbit.
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I tasted these wines last week.

I don’t carry these wines. A supplier is my friend. And he had a show and brought after that.

Sbragia, Chardonnay

92 points Robert Parker: “The Batard-Montrachet-like 2006 Chardonnay Gamble Ranch reveals poached pear, creme brulee, brioche, honeysuckle, hazelnut, smoke, and tropical fruit characteristics in its big, full-bodied, well-balanced personality.
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MIrugai, Giant Clam

I finally got Mirugai, Giant Clam. Some people say Geoduck Clam.

Chinese buy a lot and they raise the price. So I could not get much last 3 weeks.

This is very difficult clam to carry.
I hear some restaurants chefs return when they get big ones or big shell / small outside.
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More Barry Manilow

I just ordered this CD/DVD, It is on sale for preorder. It’s a good deal.
It’s official! Recorded LIVE IN LONDON at the O2 Arena with the amazing London Philharmonic Concert Orchestra”¦..Barry’s latest release”¦LIVE IN LONDON”¦.is now available. Both the DVD of the concert”¦and the longform CD”¦..packed with classic hits and a few surprises like you’ve never heard (or seen them) before. If you were there”¦.you’ll be able to relive the magical nights”¦and if you’ve heard about it”¦.you’ll be able to live it as if you were.

This exclusive package”¦ that includes both the 16 Track CD”¦AND”¦..the 13 Track DVD is available now for pre-order only.
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Taka Update March 14, 2012

Fish delivery and more

Don’t be surprised! We have uni and more than 1 case. Uni supply was improved.

But our business is getting slow because of Spring Break season.

Some good tuna is coming from South America tomorrow. But it sounds like just red meat only.

All other Japanese fish are fine except Iwashi, sardine.

More Japanese fish are coming on Thursday.

Weight Control and Golf

I had 50 years old birthday last Saturday. And I got 3 or 4 cakes from employees, family and more. Those were cheese cake, Strawberry cake, green tea mousse cake. I did not eat all of them but bit and gained some weight. It was 165.5 lbs.

I played golf last Sunday. It was 2 digits score but 92. I can excuse about this score.

Spring time is aeration season. So many sands on green and hard to read, ball speed was very slow. So I made so many 3 putts.
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