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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Try this, if you have a chance!

Fish head with a big eye! so what?  This is the best part of fish.

This is Kinme-dai, Splendid Alfonsino. Some people say golden eye snapper but it is not real name,
Anyway, American people do not eat much braised fish.
You guys like grilled and deep fried.
We Japanese like many ways of braised fish. It is called Nitsuke. So, this is called Kinmedai Nitsuke. We have Karei nitsuke, braised sole and more.
There is 1 head per week. I do not have more than 1 every week.

Stags leap Trio, this is my dream!

I opened Fay 95 last Sunday and was really good.
So I decided to buy other 2 high end from Stags leap Wine Cellars.

How I am so lucky, I have an account with this distributor.
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Kisu, Whiting

This is new fish from Japan. Kisu is whiting. A tiny white fish but has good texture. We eat it as Tempura sometimes but also good for sushi. It is sold out this week and will come back next week.  Eating season fish is very important, I think.

Taka Update February 01, 2012

Fish delivery and more

Still bad weather in Japan effects some fish delivery. We could not get Seki-Aji, Iwashi this time. A lot of snow is coming to northern part of Japan in a few days.

I think same as here. Giant clam is not available. It comes from WA area. I have not seen Giant clam for 10 days.

Uni is also not available but will come on Friday. Our supplier says “maybe”. Maybe means sure or more than 50% of possibility?

Weight Control and Golf

I almost give up to lose weight. I just keep it around 165lbs this time. Busy business makes me stress and I eat more than average sometimes and eats some sweets. Sweets make me calm down, real and wines are also good medicine for me.

So, choosing lose weight, get stress and choosing a little bit over weight, being happy?

I prefer being happy.

Golf game? I shot 46-46-92. I lost $6 from a guy but gained more money from another guy. I did not lose money as a result.

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