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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Double Zero, Delicious!

This Italian place is not bad.
We really enjoyed and delicious foods.

We just ordered Primitivo and 6 small plates.
We will come back and try pizza and pasta.

Double Zero
5825 Roswell Rd. Atlanta GA 30328

Uni just arrived but….

We received uni but only 1 tray.
So this is First come First serve.
I knew it.
Not much quantity and very limited,
I talked with the supplier.
Some restaurants ordered 2 or 3 trays but they got only 1 tray because of shortage.

I am not sure for tomorrow delivery.

Taka Update February 22, 2012

Fish delivery and more

Please do not ask for uni. Still not available. Mirugai is also not availabe, still high price.

We received some Japanese fish last evening. And it will come tomorrow again.

I ordered new fishes for next week. 4 different fishes are coming.

Tuna? it is also same, Ok tuna is available. Winter need to pass away. We get better situation in spring.

Weight Control and Golf

Oh, No. I have not played golf for 2 weeks. The golf course is my church, I should go there every Sundays. Bad weather disturbed playing.

But I will play this Sunday. We have a small tournament.

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Is this good? Yes, it is.

Our restaurant walls is dirty occasionally.
We try Windex but does not work.
And one of employee brought this Magic Eraser.
There is no soap, just soak in the water and scrub.
Oh my God, the dirty spot is gone!
This is really works.

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