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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Taka Update December 7th 2011

Fish delivery and more

We had a bad weather in Japan last week and could not some fish from there.

Sekiaji, Kodai, Sayori, Iwashi are not available today.

They might come tomorrow delivery.

Japanese fish delivery dates will change from next week. The dates are Tuesday and Thursday so far. But Tuesday and Friday are new dates.

Kona Kanpachi was out of stock. They had a problem with management in Hawaii. But it will comeback from next week.

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Shirako Seaason is also started.

I introduced this last year. Shirako is typical winter dish.
It is not brain, is ovary of Cod.
We eat it in winter.
Taste and texture? It is silky milky tofu.
I ate Blow fish Shirako one time in my life.
That was the best.
It comes every Thursday, try it. Don’t be shy.
The picture is fresh one and we do not eat as raw.
We cook it.

Beef tongue stew

It is the season for stew. I make beef tongue stew every year.
Of course, this is not Japanese dish but Japanese people like this.
So why not?

I cooks almost 2 days with red wine and my special tomato sauce.
You will not feel like animal tongue when you eat.
Take your prejudice away, and just try, just do it.
Open your new doors and windows.
And you will see  new world and views.

Salad California

This is Salad California.
I made this for just a little with joke.
Yes, Hotel California and Salad California is similar.
Organic green salad with tofu, fresh tomato, pine nuts, craisin, edamame are great combinations.
We do not sell much but I just want to keep this item on the menu.
I do not think Salad california is available in California.

Avia Toning shoes

I bought toning shoes first time in my life.
I did not want to pay high and waited for a while.
This Avia is $19.99 at Marshalls.
Guess how much is in Japan?
I checked Rakuten webside, the biggest net market in Japan.
It was 12,600 yen, meant about $163???
People come from Japan, they can buy this shoes at $14.40 in the US.

Japan is 3rd largest country (GDP means) but people are still poor because of this kind of crazy prices.The cost of living in Japan is really high.