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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Ms. Sandy, my 2nd student

We did cooking class yesterday.
Ms. Sandy is my Wednesday student.
We made bonito & kelp broth, udon soup and tempura sauce.
She would like to do more and we will make gyoza next week.
And Jakie contacted me for making sushi and dumpling.
I think i will take this offer and do it on Tuesday.
Busy Busy Busy, but it’s good for me. Knowing new people is fun.

Fish ball from Iwashi

Fresh sashimi is good but we can do like this, too.
We have meat balls, and can make fish balls, too.
I just cut fish and put into a food processor. Minced fish, small bone with some vegetables and pepper, salt can make good fish balls.
We car fry with starch and eat with lemon. Simple is the best and can take calcium naturally.

Shima Aji is back with low price.

It was high price. But it is low price now.
Our fish company asked me to buy it.
Shima Aji, Striped Jack is a group of Aji, Jack fish.

Taka Update December 13th 2011

Fish delivery and more

Kona Kanpachi is back. It is available every day.

Tuna supply is almost same last 8 weeks. There is no big eye tuna, yellow fin tuna is available.

Japanese fish delivery is fine. It looks good, we can get all fishes from Japan.

Barry Manilow hospitalized for hip muscle repair

Barry Manilow has been shaking his hips on stage for decades, and now he has to have those muscles repaired.

A spokeswoman for Manilow says the 68-year-old entertainer was hospitalized Monday for surgery to remove fluid and repair torn muscles in his hips.

Manilow waited until he performed his 1,000th Las Vegas concert and ended his seven-year run at two resorts there before having the surgery.

Publicist Annie Jeeves says Manilow will be in recovery for six weeks before performing in Chicago on Feb. 2.
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Ms. Leigh, a student of my cooking class

This is Leigh, a student of my cooking class.
She asked me to teach Japanese cooking.
So, I decided to teach every day from 5;30pm- 6pm.
We normally do not have many customers and I can do that.

We did bonito and kelp broth, miso soup, tempura sauce, noodle soup for 1st class.
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