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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Zenzai, our winter dessert

Zenzai? I do not think many Japanese restaurants here in the US serve this.
It is mochi with hot & sweet red bean soup.
Mochi?  It is made from sweet rice and  is steamed, pounded,.
It is very sticky and good match with red bean.

Mochi is a kind of good luck and that is the reason we give this to our regular customers for their happiness of 2012.

Wearing glove to make sushi but,,,.

We had health Department inspection on Thursday.
That was a big minus. I just got a order and made sushi.
She was watching me. And gave us -9 points because of not wearing glove when I made sushi.
I thought Fulton County was OK without glove.
It sounds like national regulation, maybe. It is from FDA order, maybe.

We need to wear glove all the time when we touch raw fish.
But, is it sounds clean? We tried Friday, next day and realized that making sushi with glove is not easy.
Rice stick on glove and can not make right size of nigiri sushi.
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Give me your $40 for the future environment protection.

This is from Seacology.

Coral reefs and tropical rainforests are home to the planet’s greatest biodiversity, but are disappearing at an alarming rate. Every acre we save makes a world of difference. Now you can help protect these ecosystems with Seacology’s Save an Acre program.

Your gift of $40 will save one acre

For every tax-deductible $40 donation to the Save an Acre program, you can choose to directly support either a coral reef or rainforest conservation area.* You can learn more about the projects your donation will support at our rainforest or coral reef pages.

In a world full of consumer gadgets, Seacology’s Save an Acre program is a gift that will last a lifetime. Celebrate any special occasion (birthday, wedding, anniversary, bar or bat mitzvah, or holiday) by protecting a pristine coral reef or tropical rainforest from development and exploitation. Honor your family, friends, or the passing of a loved one with this simple and meaningful gift. Or make your own commitment to protect our natural world.
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