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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Shiso still grows in winter.

This is unusual. Shiso still grows in winter.
Most of them died in September,
But this one is still growing,
Is this because of global warming?

Kagami Mochi

Displaying kagami Mochi is Japanese New Year Tradition.

Mochi is made from sweet rice, but sugar like sweet. We steam sweet rice and pound and make this.
I displayed after health inspection to avoid another minus point.
I think we can not display naked foods, right?
But we do like this in Japan.
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We fixed, Health Inspection

The first inspection was December 15th and they came back on 21st.
99 was not bad.
But the biggest point was bare hand contact with ready to use food items, -9.
We fixed 8 items total.
They come once a year. But I ask them every 6 month. Actually they need to come every 6 month but shortage of the budget disturbs this.

Anyway, we are doing well.

Taka Update December 21 2011

Fish delivery and more

Bad weather at north east area in US. We could not get flounder for a couple days. But it will come today. And live scallop and clam are not available because of same reason.

Tuna ? There is no hope this year. This is the true story. Let’s say they had 100 of big eye tuna before. 40 went to NY, 20 went to and there 5 came to Atlanta. But the total amount of tuna is not much now. Let’s say they have 30 of big eye tuna. 20 go to NY, 5 go to LA and we can get less than 1. And the price is high and restaurants owners don’t want to buy. We do not want blue fin tuna because of high price. But we can buy big eye tuna.

Which restaurant can buy these kind of good tuna? Taka, Tomo, MF and maybe Nakato. only 4 restaurants can buy. And if they get a large size tuna, they cannot sell all of them. And they do not want to take a risk.

I buy O2 tuna from Philippine and buy farm raised and frozen blue fin oh toro from Australia. This buying will continue for a while.
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A gift from my older sister in DC

My American older sister came from DC. She and her husband comes to Atlanta 2 times a year to see their son and daughter in law.

They used to live in Okinawa. I used to call her Okinawa mama.
But she did not like that I called mother and I changed the way of calling.
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