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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Soba, we eat this at the end of year.

Yes, this is our tradition, Toshi Koshi Soba, means getting over the year soba.

There are many reasons.
In Japan, we call the last day of the year “Oh-misoka” and typically follow a tradition to eat soba (=Japanese noodle made from buckwheat) and listen to the striking bell at the temple to see the old year out. Each custom is called “Toshikoshi soba” and “Joya no kane”, respectively.
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A good gift for golfers

This deal is not bad. It is $129.90 and can play 3 diffrent golf courses in Metro Atlanta.
And any time any day are good.
It is from Costco.
I just bought one for try.

Cooking Show and Health Inspection and more

Do you watch Iron Chef on Food Network? What do you think? Too much to show? Over reacting?
If you see them from Health Inspection points, you see some funny things.
Morimoto never used gloves when he cuts fresh fish.
Same as other chefs when they cut fresh meat.
All of chefs never used cap of chef hat. They might drop their hairs on the foods.

I thought when I watched Japanese Iron Chef, Ryori no Tastujin, All chefs used hats. I think it is manners to show viewers. Believe or not, Morimoto used the hat at Japanese version.

At the restaurants, many of executive chefs stand in the kitchen and they work there. Most of them don’t use hats.
Why they do not use it? Is this ugly? It does not matter whatever, food safety comes first. We get a few complains about hairs even we wear hats all the times.
I think cooking shows need show the viewers the right information.
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Add Gold accent in the bathroom

This is my holiday’s project at restaurant.
I do not stay there all day, I take some off.
This accent is good, isn’t it?

Is this tasty?: Trader’s Joe Mousse.

My friend gave me this, She likes Trader’s Joe products.
They have some Asian influence foods and Japanese people like them.
Is this good? It is not bad.

I feel Tlader’s Joe is from California and they make better products than other states, especially sweetness is perfect.