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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Taka Update November 29th 2011

Fish delivery and more

Sounds like everything is back to normal. We will get Japanese fish delivery today.

Kona Kanpachi is not available because of bad weather in Hawaii.

MY Golf

I played golf 5 days in last 8 days. I was very happy. My dream? Play golf everyday when I retire.

It is very simple dream. The score on last Sunday was 44-44. I never lost money last 8 days, but got only $14. I cannot be a pro.

No More vacation this year.

It is very bad calendar this year, Christmas is Sunday and New Year is also Sunday.

So we do not have any extra day off. We open Christmas Eve, Non-Christian people welcome to TAKA.

Anyway 30% of our customers are Jewish people and they are very nice.
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New wall painting for holidays

I just finished new wall painting for holidays.
Gold, red and green show holiday color, right?
 And sparkling wines are good matching.

I cooked this on Thanksgiving.

We are Japanese and we do not eat turkey.
So we decide to eat beef.

I bought block of prime rib eye at Costco.
Then, I cu it 4 inches and apply sea salt, rosemary, pepper, spices.
Then I left 1 night.
Cooking is most important.
350F for 14 minutes,
300F for 40 minutes, then up side down
another 300F for 40 minutes.
That’s it. Slice and eat with no adding like soy sauce, Al.
It was delicious.

Kimnedai from Choshi-ko

This is kinme-dai and from Choshi.
Where is Choshi?
It is in Chiba near by Narita Tokyo Airport and faces to Pacific Ocean,
It is located just south of Fukushima.
We could not get any fish from those area for a while because of contaminated water went into the ocean.
And more than 6 months passed and they said OK?

Yeah, I think it is OK because contaminated water is very very thin now. But I still do not like to deal with this kind of fish.


 I like sashimi. I did not eat much sushi when I was child.
I was born at coast area and seafood is just like everyday dish.
We did not buy much fish, someone always gave us when they caught.
And simple is the best, means wasabi and soy sauce.
I can eat sashimi every day but cannot eat steak every day.