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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Oden , Must try!

Oden, Japanese hot pot.
We like this food but Americans don’t like much.
I think because of color of food. And our customer prefer fish dishes to meat dishes.
But this food is good in winter.
We have a few ode favorite people.
I do not make this weekend. Just imagine cold days and this food.

Oden is a Japanese one-pot dish in which ingredients are slowly simmered in soy sauce based soup. It’s a typical Japanese winter dish. Try making oden at home, using your favorite ingredients. This is from Allabout.

Salmon Tartar

Same as NOBU? Don’t say that.
I arranged my way.
I do not make same dish as someone does.
I learn from them but I do like make same dishes.
I do more tartars on the menu, Tuna tartar, Salmon tartar, Hamachi tartar and Blue shrimp tartar.


Diet is not easy. I have been eating salad for 6 days and made this number.
I am looking for 160 which is my best weight.
I was 170.08 a month ago and decided to lose weight.
Gaining weight is easy, just eat.
But losing weight is not easy, need to weight but good one.

Taka’s Update October 27th 2011

Fish delivery and more

Tuna situation is same as usual. I received big eye tuna but just red meat only.

Other fish are pretty good. I have Kona Knapachi for this weekend. But there is no Seki-Aji. I am not sure for today’s delivery.

I have some new appetizers now. There are Salmon Tartar with Wasabi Soy sauce, Kona Kanpachi Carpaccio and more.

Business is very tough this month. It is just like a roller coaster every day. This Monday was terrible night but Tuesday was good. The last night was slow again but OK. So, tonight will be busy hopefully.

The good thing is EU issue has some gains and stock is going up gradually.

US has 2 big issues, housing price and unemployment.
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Sashimi with Uni

Our regular customers asked me for making sashimi with uni.
This dish is for 4 people.
Uni with flounder
Uni with live scallop
Uni with sweet shrimp
Uni with calamari
Uni with toro, sounds good?
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