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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Nama Soba, fresh soba noodle

We got nama soba from West Coast.
This company makes fresh ramen noodle and starts to make soba noodle.

If you eat hot soba with broth, you do not feel much diffrent. But zaru soba, dipping way of cold soba, you feel it.
I put this on Japanese menu. You can order it if you are interested in.

Is this tasty? : Naked

I like this. And I like all of them.
It is similar like odwalla smoothies.
And you can take $4.00 off at Costco until October 9th with coupons.

I will buy againb this products.

Taka Update September 28, 2011

Fish delivery and more

Typhoon makes Japanese fish delivery difficult.

Kinme-dai did not come on Tuesday. But it will come on Thursday. Kochi did not come either.

We get good tuna today but not sure how much fat.

Uni quality is really good, it is sweet and not watery. If you like uni, your season is right here.

Closed Information

We will be closed the business from November 20th to November 27th. This is Sunday – Sunday.

Japanese Couples go to Thailand for sex selection for their babies

Japanese couple wants children to go to Thailand, check the chromosomes of the fertilized egg to male and female sex selection cases is increasing.””Turns out that was at least 30 couples use in one year. Be something done to determine presence or absence of inherited disease preimplantation originally. Eggs fertilized in vitro was divided into 4-8 cell stage, taking one or two cells, gene and chromosome abnormalities or check back to the womb. In the male and female sex selection can be used for genetic diseases, as well as be able to determine than gender.

Bonito broth is good for your body.

We use bonito broth for many cooking but it is good for our body. It is research by Kyoto University.”” This delicious ingredients that promote movement of the stomach, enhances the feeling of fullness.””Essential Japan cuisine along with kelp and dried small sardines and bonito flakes much lactic acid or bitter, umami ingredients of inosinic acid include effects such as fatigue and improving blood flow have reported so far.

Too Much Salt, Too Little Exercise Is Recipe for Dementia

This is from Neurobiology of Aging

Eating too many salty foods and getting little exercise is a recipe for more than heart disease in older adults. According to a Canadian study, it can also raise your risk for dementia.

The study, which appears online in the journal Neurobiology of Aging, followed the sodium consumption and physical activity levels of 1,262 healthy older Canadian men and women (ages 67 “” 84), over three years. The adults were recruited from a large pool of participants in the Quebec Longitudinal Study on Nutrition and Successful Aging (NuAge).

While low sodium intake is associated with reduced blood pressure and risk of heart disease, this is believed to be the first study to extend the benefits of a low-sodium diet to brain health in healthy older adults.

“We have generated important evidence that sodium intake not only impacts heart health, but brain health as well,” said Dr. Alexandra Fiocco, a scientist with Toronto’s Baycrest’s Kunin-Lunenfeld Applied and Evaluative Research Unit (KLAERU) and the study’s lead investigator.

Health Canada recommends that people 14 years of age and older consume no more than 2,300 mg of sodium per day in their diet. (In the United States, the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend no more than 2,300 mg daily for adults, but no more than 1,500 mg daily for people more than 51 years old or if you have high blood pressure, diabetes, or kidney disease.)

In the Baycrest study, senior participants were assessed as low-, mid-, or high-level sodium consumers based on a food frequency questionnaire they each completed. Low-sodium intake was defined as not exceeding 2,263 mg/day; mid-sodium intake 3,090 mg/day; and high-sodium intake 3,091 and greater (this went as high as 8,098)

Researchers used a modified Mini-Mental State Examination to measure cognitive function in participants at year one (baseline) and annually for three additional years. Physical activity levels were measured using the Physical Activity Scale for the Elderly.

“The results of our study showed that a diet high in sodium, combined with little exercise, was especially detrimental to the cognitive performance of older adults,” said Dr. Fiocco.

“But the good news is that sedentary older adults showed no cognitive decline over the three years that we followed them if they had low sodium intake.”

“These data are especially relevant as we know that munching on high-salt processed snacks when engaged in sedentary activities, such as watching TV or playing in front of the computer, is a frequent pastime for many adults,” said Dr. Carol Greenwood, a senior author on the study and internationally renowned scientist in the field of nutrition and cognitive function in late life.

“This study addresses an additional risk associated with lifestyles that are highly apparent in North American populations.”

With senior populations soaring, adopting a healthier lifestyle may help delay or prevent age-related cognitive decline, and is a way to give people some control over their brain function in later years, Greenwood said.

Taka sushiandpassion

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Fluke from Korea

I worte you before about FDA’s New rule, wild fluke needs to be freeze for parasite.

But this Korean fluke is farm raised and can sell it as raw.

So the choices were wild and frozen or farm raised and fresh.
And my answer was fresh one.
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Taka’s Update September 21 2011

Fish delivery and more

We have all fishes right now. The delivery of Japanese fish was Tuesday only this week. Japan had Old people Day on Monday.

The only thing I concern is Tuna. But it comes today, it is big eye with a few fat.

Soup is Back!

I have many fans of my Healthy Body soup. It is back for the season. This is OX tail broth and 8 vegetables soup. I make a little bit spicy. Collagen from OX tail makes your skin beautiful.

Closed Information

We will be closed the business from November 20th to November 27th. This is Sunday – Sunday.

Healthy Lifestyle Leads To Increased Age

The online published research “Low Risk Behaviors and All-Cause Mortality: Findings from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey III Mortality Study” has found if a person follows the path with four things called no smoking, eating a healthy diet, limiting alcohol, and getting regular physical activity reduces death risk by 66%.
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