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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Uni Sampler, Omakase

I had omakase customers last night,
This was one of the course menu, Uni Sampler.
Uni with squid,
Uni with sweet shrimp,
Uni with live scallop,
Uni with flounder
Uni with toro.

Taka’s Update August 16, 2011

Fish delivery and more

This week’s fish delivery is not as usual. All Japanese fishes are coming today. It is because of holiday in Japan. August 15th is The end of war memorial day in Japan. It was in 1945. The day was the end of the World War 2, actually we called Pacific Ocean War. It passed 66 years. We gave up having military power and US protected Japan. It is same even now.

PGA Tour Championship

I went to Atlanta Athletic Club on Saturday and Sunday. I followed Ian Poulter 9 hole on Saturday and Followed Matt Kuchar on Sunday.

I did not bring a cap this time because of nice weather. I got some sunburn but was OK because I play golf 2 days a week.

So many Americans were drinking beer under the sunshine. I thought this was very dangerous. And so many people wore sandals or high heels. They must be tired to walk later.

My body was very tired but it is OK now and I thought walking is the best way of exercise.
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Taka’s Update August 10, 2011

Fish delivery and more

We are good so far, except uni delivery. Tuna is good, not super excellent. All Japanese fish are fine. Kinme-Dai is coming tomorrow.

I feel “Togo” order is increasing this week. People try to save money. I thought everybody got a shock when Dow dropped more than 1000 points in 2 days.

AC is working very well.

That was last Tuesday. Our AC unit was broken. It was amazing thing. They fixed in a few hours. I never seen like this. I called our landlord at noon, they called a AC company and they came in a few hours. They exchanged some parts. And now we get complaints for cold.

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Hamo, Pike Eel

This is very seasonable fish.
Pike eel is summer fish.
There are so many bones. I bought un-cut bone fish last year and tried to cut bones, It was so difficult to cut all bones.
So, I decided to but bone cut pike eel.
This is still fresh one and I boil it moment.
It is served with plum soy sauce.

This week’s tuna

I got this today, big eye tuna and stomach side but no oh-toro.
It did not have much toro, just chu-toro.
I bought 1/4 and available 3-4 days.