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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Got tuna and no business

I received this beautiful tuna on last Friday.
I got good tuna 2 times a week.
This is good thing but not usual.
Our supplier said that the business in NY was not great and good tuna was over stocked.
So, this tuna came from NY.
It was very good condition. I think it will last 5-6 days.

Shoyu ramen, my original soup

I finally made original shoyu ramen soup.
It is not easy but is not hard.
Many people use chicken broth but I do not use it. I use beef broth.
So, the I feel more flavorful. It is light soup but tasty.
I made such a kind of shoyu ramen soup.

Cooking Class on 31st Sunday : Miso

I am going to have a cooking class on 31st. Sunday.
The theme is miso. This is a joint event with Japan America Society of Georgia.
I make Ginger Miso dressing, Miso gucamole salsa, miso vinegar mustard, lamb chop miso and hot pot with miso broth,
If you are interested in, go to below and register. It is lunch time and you can eat all dishes.

ORECK, cheap? or expensive?

This is my ORECK. I bought this 4 years ago.
It did not work well and brought to a store.
They said I had 5 years warranty.
Yes, I had it.
They can do free check and clean every year. But I did not know it.
I can bring 1 more time next year.
So, the brush was not working well and the sales clerk asked me to change to new part.
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