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Monthly Archives: May 2011

I shot 86 and this is a secret.

It was great Sunday golf.
I shot 86, 43 and 43.
I ate this dish for breakfast. I never had steak for breakfast.
But I needed to keep my power for golf game.
I try to eat more protein, but fish protein.
And Japanese curry makes my brain decision clear.
I am looking for below 85 this weekend.

New White wines from France

From Right

1) Chablis, Domaine de Malandes 2009

2) Bordeaux Blanc, Chateau Guiraud 2009

3) Colombard Sauvignon, Domaine de Menard 2009

They are really good.

Viva Mexico! Cinco de Mayo

Yes, it is May 5th, Cinco de Mayo.

We have Grilled salmon taco, tuna tataki wasabi gucamole salsa and Smoked salmon quesadilla.
And I made special Latino Music.
The bad thing is cold weather.

Inside of Ice Machine

I just cleaned our ice machine.
It needs to be clean always. I normally do every month.
We see so many moss when we open the cover.
Yes, this is dirty and moist place.
I think I am a kind of good person and try to clean it.
But some places are lazy and they do not clean at all.
That is one of the reason I do not drink any of tap water.
I trust bottled water. But I do not drink Dasani.
I like natural spring water.
Anyway, our ice is clean and safe.
Ask someone who owns restaurants. How often they clean ice machines?

AYU, there is no English name.

We start to sell ayu, Sweet fish?

As I check it, there is no English name.

It is a big family of carp, but ayu is a group of ayu.

This fish is not for sushi, sashimi. It is grilled fish with salt.

Summer is coming when we see ayu.