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Monthly Archives: May 2011

This Brie is tasty.

I like cheese but not try to eat much. The reason is simple, easy to gain weight for me.

But this brie is so good and eat half of it at a time.

This cheese is made in France and no question how taste is great.

I tried many times cheeses made in USA, not qualified.

Japanese French Fry, Must Try!

I want you try this food.
I named it Japanese French fry.
This is not a new food, it is just ordinary Japanese food.
But I cut small and made it like French fry.
It is Gobo tempura. Gobo is a long root and we eat root part.
Need Fiber? Gobo is perfect.
Need crunchy? Gobo is perfect.
Gobo is much much healthier than French fry.

What I found at H mart

The last post was May 19th?
I am not lazy, was just busy and got sick and was not the mood to post new photos.
Many people asked me about H mart, Asian supermarket.
My answer is YES and NO.
If you buy vegetables, meat and fruits, do not buy. Their prices are great and low but quality is really bad. I bought Asian pear before, bought lettuce before and was big regrets.

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I am going to have Mexican party this Sunday.

We will have a golf tournament and players come to my house.

I will make taco for them.

I got Mexican beers and Costco craft beers.

Consumer Report says Costco’s beers are great and valued.

Let’s try this Sunday.

Fluke stock is decreasing.

Oh my God, everything is in danger.

This time is fluke, flounder.

We could not get 5-6 days last week.

And the price was went up.

Sushi business will not be exist next 10 years, maybe.