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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Breaking News: Good tuna just arrived.

We got a good big eye tuna this afternoon. I do not remember when was the last time.

This is not super excellent but cannot complain it.

It is because it really hard to get.

We have eaten too much before. Big eye tuna is in danger.

I have no idea when is next time.

New Sushi Bar Wall Design

Masters was finished. I needed to color the sushi bar wall.

This is new, just simple gold lines.

I will keep this for a while.

Albarino, New wine by the glass

It’s the time for white wine. This is the our new white wine by the glass. Albarino is from Spain. But I think many people do not know. This is the sad thing of Spanish wines. It is because not much Spanish restaurants are available in town. Spain has great wines but not popular like Italian wine or French wine. French and French wine, Italian and Italian wine. See, Spanish? Where is Spanish restaurant here?

Blood Orange

Do you like this? I like it. I think the season is started. It is an orange but red color in it. The taste is very sweet.

Nike Masters Green ball

This is limited and not sold at stores, sorry for this. I got this from a guy who works for Nike Golf ball division. I will keep this and will not use, will not sell at ebay.