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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Patio Renovation is over!

This is great, isn’t it!
Day time and night time, have fun any time.
We will have a big kick off private party tonight.
And we have Cinco de Mayo Special night on Thursday May 5th.
Please join us for $5 specials.


Tuna Tuna Tuna!!!

I finally got good tuna.

I bought 1/4 of tuna and stomach side. See, this nice chu-toro.

It is available until weekend.

It’s time for cold ramen

It is called hiyashi-chuka. This is cold ramen noodle.
The soup is cold and noodle is also cold.
The soup is soy sauce vinegar flavor.
This is good for summer.
It is available until September.

Boorhaven Post Office was closed.

I was shocked last night. I stopped by Brookhaven Post office last night to drop some mails.

I did not know when they were closed.

All workers there were very nice.

From Tohoku Earthquake

Tohoku is a part of Japan and middle of earthquake. I found so many products were made around there.

Mackrel 38% comes from Tohoku.
Sanma, Saury 41% comes from Tohoku.
Salmon 19% comes from Tohoku.
Shark 61% comes from Tohoku. Fish cake is made by shark meat.
Bonito 13% comes from Tohoku.
Farmed Oyster 29% comes from Tohoku.
Farmed wakame seaweed 79% comes from Tohoku.
And some vegetables comes from Tohoku and North Kanto( north of Tokyo)
Garlic 78% comes from there.
Gobo 66% comes from there.
Green onion 58% comes from there.
Nappa cabbage 52% comes from there.
Lotus roots 51% comes from there.
Spinach 50% comes from there.
Edamame 50% comes from there.
Cabbage 41% comes from there.

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