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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Where is the origin of our fish?

We received some information.

Tako, Octopus – Hiroshima

Anago, Sea eel – Nagasaki

Aji, Jackfish – Nagasaki

Madai, Sea bream – Yamaguchi

Seki Aji, Premium Jackfish – Ohita

Nisin, Herring – Hokkaido

Sayori, Halfbeak – Kanagawa

Mejina, Large scale Blackfish – Mie

Umazura Hagi, Filefish – Mie

Kinmedai, Splendid Alfonsino – Shizuoka

Our fish is no problem with radiation, just in case.

Masters Paint and Decor

It is coming soon.
Maters is the biggest golf event in the world.
I will be there on Monday and Sunday, maybe.
I have so many Masters Caps and display every year.
But I paint green this year.
Am I crazy? I will paint again after Masters.

Layten, a little girl with Kimono

I was really surprised with Layten’s kimono. That was good matching with her.
Her mother told me that her grand mother bought for her.
Kimono? It is traditional Japanese clothing.
I thought she was half Japanese but was not.
She was 100% white American. Thank you for showing this.

Renovation Day 18

Entrance window frame is almost over. We need to change roof and ground. We wait a good day to place concrete.
Back patio is also getting better. Natural poplar wall is almost finished.
4-5 weeks more and will be finished.

As a result,,,. From Breaking News

FDA inspection was over on Thursday. But we could not get any fish.
They could send on Friday but it was too late to get it because of freshness.

FDA and our fish company talked and reached an agreement. It is important to serve fresh and safe fish to the consumers.

Our fish company report all fish origin which is where they come from.
We should not get any fish around Fukushima Daiichi Plant area.

So, it will be normal from Tuesday delivery but some fish will not be available.

I was just so sad to dump safe and valuable fish.