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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Simple dessert that you can make at your home

I went to Costco the other day and found frozen waffle.
And I just bought for something. I do not eat waffle for my breakfast. It is flour and not healthy.
But, hey it might be good for dessert.
So I decided to make it.

Heat up waffle with microwave.
Make sauteed apple with sugar and red wine. Make sure apple is tender.
Sprinkle powder sugar on top of waffle and place vanilla ice cream, place apple and sprinkle crushed corn flake. And use some sauce with berries.
That’s it.
This is not breakfast but I do not mind that you eat hot summer morning.
Want to taste? It is available all this weekend.

Pollen Season is coming soon.

I am pretty much healthy. And I can eat anything I like. So, I am positively perfect. But I have bad allergy against pollen.
I would like to fly to somewhere during pollen season if possible.
Close the business for 3 months and stay on southern island.
But it is a wish, can not be true.
I am like Office Depot, taking care of your business everyday.
So, I have to start to drink this special oolong tea.
This oolong tea works for pollen allergy. Trust me, believe me, it is true.
I drink in the morning before I leave house. I drink during work.

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Beth, one of our regular customers

Beth is one of our regular customers.
She comes with Matt. They always see my blog and order something from it.
They ordered OX Tail Miso Mikomi this time.
Why don’t you take a photo with me? It is fun for me when I retire and see all beauties from the Sushi World.

Best tuna in 2011, so far.

This is the best tuna in 2011 so far.
I did not remember well when was the last time I got good tuna.
I’ve been selling farm raised blue fin oh toro.
But this is the good natural toro.
It is available all this weekend.
I know many people go out for Valentine’s Day dinner.
You don’t need to come to TAKA. Just see this beautiful tuna.

Braised OX Tail and vegetables

I want you to eat this kind of food next time.
Forget about sushi.
We have motsu nikomi which is braised offal. We normally use trip, intestines and more.
But these items takes time to get soft, so I use OX tail.
5 hours is enough time for OX tail.

I use white miso for this dish and add kelp flavor. It is just like slow cooked miso soup broth.
The tender meat and well cooked vegetables are great.
It is available this weekend.