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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Sake Tasting

We had Sake Tasting last night.

5 Sakes and 6 foods made our guests happy.

Please join us next time.


WE just started our annual renovation.
I do not use Taka Construction this time.
I use a professional man.
It will be finished in 6 weeks.
We change entrance ans windows.

This liver is great with meat.

Hey, do not misunderstand!
This umazura-hagi is not metabolic, obesity fish.
They have a huge liver naturally.
And we put some sea salt and sake, make fish happy.
And steam just like monk fish liver.
The texture is tenderer than monk fish liver and become a good topping of meat.
Taste? sooo- good.

They are back!

They are not new fish item.
I used to carry for a while.
I tried some new fish but did not like and went back to these items.

Umazura Hagi is just like a stripper. I can take the skin off.
There are a few English name as Black Scraper, Filefish, and Scraper.
I take Filefish.
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Sake Tasting, coming this Sunday!

We are going to have Sake and Food Tasting this Sunday.
A few seats are available and want you come for this great opportunity.
We never had 2 instructors. But we get them this time.
Do you watch Academy Award? I think it will be King’s Speech. And that’s it.
You can watch news later or Monday morning.
Sake tasting is not available Monday morning.
And I make 5 Japanese foods you never had, maybe.
Please contact at sushiandpassion@gmail.com
It starts at 6pm and finishes around 9pm. You can enjoy Sake tasting and Academy.