• Lunch 11:30-2:00, Dinner 5:30-10:00
  • 4600 Roswell Rd, E110, Sandy Springs GA 30342

Monthly Archives: January 2011

We open tonight, Wednesday.

I decided to open the business tonight.

You need to be careful when you go out.

See the picture. The clear ice is real ice and cannot break. The white ice is snow mix and air inside and can break.

Do not run on the clear ice, you might slip.

I just checked everything was all right.

I went to the restaurant around 1pm. I drove Peachtree Rd. not GA 400 and I-285.
It was not bad and saw many people were walking on the street. Most of them went to supermarkets for foods.
The left picture is Piedmont rd. There was no ice on the road. But some parts were really bad. You have to drive slow ans need to be extra attention when you cross the bridge. It was full of ice on the bridge.
Clairmont rd. was closed partly. The closed part was bridge just before Peachtree Rd. Police shut down the road.
I think this bridge is the best mini ski resort.I think it is available until tomorrow.

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I have no idea for the business.

I just talled with fish supplier.
They closed today. So, there is no fish delivery.
I have some frozen fish. But this is not enough.
I might open the business tonight. But I am still thinking.
I will close tomorrow’s lunch and might open dinner.
No fresh fish with sushi rertaurant?

Lunch will be closed on Tuesday.

I decided to close lunch business on Tuesday.
It is still dangerous to go out on Tuesday morning.
I will try to come to the restaurant in the afternoon and try to open short hour dinner business.

This is the worst ever in my 15 years.

I came to Atlanta in 1995. This is the worst snow ever in my life.
I was born in Hiroshima, Japan. It is just like Italy, Mediterranean weather. We did not get mush snow.
I used to lived in Sapporo, Hokkaido. They had a tons of snow but they could handle. I have lived in Tokyo for 8years before I came to Atlanta. We had it sometimes. But we could use bus, train and subway.
We have to drive cars here in Atlanta.
I think I might close the business tomorrow. Tomorrow morning will be bad again.
This is Georgia, deep south.