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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Is this tasty? : babybel,light

There are so many light food in this country. Light beer is also popular.
I just found Babybel light.
I like original but the taste is a little bit salty.
Light is better than the original.

Shima Aji, Striped Jack

I got Shima Aji yesterday. Cornet fish is no longer available and need to replace.
But I am not sure that I keep this fish or not.
I hate to see this kind of fish.
This fish is farm raised and has a lot of fat in the stomach.
It is obesity and metabolic syndrome.
They are in the cage in the ocean, and were fed by human beings.
They cannot swim fast and far.
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Motsu, Beef stomach things

I think most of Americans do not eat these items.
You know cow has 4 stomach components.
And we eat all of them.
1st component is very tasty, we eat at Korean BBQ restaurants. The Japanese name is mino. A good mino is very expensive as steak meat.
2nd component is easy to figure out. The shape is like bee’s nest.
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Eat Root vegetables

We have to eat root vegetables more.
I make daikon radish, carrot, lotus root, gobo.
Kabocha squash is not root vegetable but tasty.

I sometimes make for the customer.

Beef Tongue Stew

Yes, it is the middle of winter. We have to eat these kind of food.
Wait! But we are sushi and Japanese restaurant.
Who care for it? Someone needs to make a good beef tongue.
Actually, I make corned tongue in summer.
And I believe many Japanese like beef tongue. We call it Gyu-tan.
I make this is tomato sauce and red wine.
I will sell it for lunch special tomorrow.
It is fun to make slow cooked food.
Do you know someone make tongue stew in Atlanta?