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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Sushi Break Up?

I made Nigiri Omakase for a customer. They asked me to cut in half after made. It passed 20minutes after served.
I told my waitress, ” It’s gonna be ugly.” He agreed with me and I did.
I have 2 questions.
1~ He could ask me to make half size from the beginning. I do sometimes.
2~He could ask me as soon as possible.

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Sushi Class 2010

We had a Sushi Class on Sunday night.
Caroline asked me to do this class. We had it in 2006 at my home.

I explained to make sushi rice and making rolls, nigiri sushi.
Then, everybody made sushi and ate.
It was a fun night.

Sorry for USC

We had special guests on Saturday. They were from South Carolina.
They went to GA Dome to see SEC Championship.
You knew the result, Auburn was very good.
Anyway, We had good sales on Saturday night.

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Is this tasty? Pork Bun, Nikuman

We say this Nikuman. Niku means meat and man means bun.
This is JFC brand and you can buy at Asian grocery store.
We like these item and winter dish.
If you go to convenient store in Japan, you can find any time in winter.

This is frozen food and easy to heat up with microwave.
It is good for kid’s snack for tea time. Tea time? Oh sorry, this is not England. We have tea time around 10am and 3pm in Japan.

See? I wrote you. Costco part 2

I went to Peachtree Dunwoody Rd. Costco.
And I bought egg and milk.
Egg expiration date is January 5th. And milk is December 28th.
Brookhaven is December 7th for egg and same date for milk.

The busy place is always good because get new products most of the time. But the slow places keep products for a while because no one buy it.

It is same as restaurant, sushi places. You have to go busy places because most of fish are super fresh.

I will not go to Brookhaven Costco again.