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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Osechi, New Year Dish

We eat Osechi dish during New Year. We used to make at home. But most of family buy at supermarkets or department stores.
It is same as American way, some items are for good luck, long life or whatever.

I will have A new Year’s party at my home and I prepare.
See, we eat beans, kelp and fish.

Wagyu Ohtoro, Premium Beef belly

Now I carry this.
This is same as tuna, stomach side of beef.
See the beautiful marble color.
It is good for sushi.

Sayori, Halfbeak

This is really a beautiful fish. It is slender and silver and blear color.
It is good with grated fresh ginger. It comes Tuesday and Thursday.

This is good for cold nights.

I drink hot chocolate every winter.
I take coffee most of the morning. But I switch to hot chocolate when it gets cold.
I use at least 70% milk and add Baileys. This is good in the morning and night.

I bought this at Costco. See? I like Costco.