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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Rose is available

We just started to carry Rose wine. This is from Spain.
I want someone to drink Pinot Grigio, especially ladies.

Mikan, Mandarin orange

This is my favorite fruit. We say Mikan but English name is Mandarin orange.
In Japan, mikan is orange. It is easy to peel skin and we eat with inside skin. I think this skin is goof for health. It contains fiber.
Of course, vitamin C is in it.
Believe or not, I use to eat more than 20 mikans everyday.
My family farmed and could eat in winter.
So, my body get Orange color. But I am healthy now because of this, maybe.
I eat 5-6 mikans when I buy it.

What do you drink at the end of year?

I decide it. I will drink Henri Giraud this year.
I just found this recently. This is totally diffrent from other champagne. It is small production and close to hand-made.
This chanpagne was called irrusion until 2006. We could not drink al all. It was only for Monaco Royal family, British Royal family and high end celebrity.
Giaud family just started to sell this from 2007.
More detail?

Cooking Azuki, sweet red bean.

I made mochi yesterday. Mochi is pounding rice and we eat around New Year. making mochi is easy because I use machine. And we make anko-mochi which is mochi with red bean.
Of course I can buy a can and use it but I love to make it it is because of taste.
I but dry bean and soak in water 1 night. Then cook about 3- 4 hours. Add water, sea salt, and sugar and make taste. The final things is take water and make firm. This is the hardest part of making sweet red bean.
It is always fun to make delicious food.