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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Good Luck of your 2011

You can pray for it. But you might need something helpers.
Gold leaf sake~ This is I say, good luck for your financial status. This gold is eatable.
Black bean~ This is black soybean. Black is except for the evil in Taoist. And mame ni kurasu, live well. mame means bean. It is said in Japan.
Both are available for free until supply last.

Is this tasty?: Batterd Cod

It is from Costco.
I just bougyt to try.
It is $13 and around 25pieces in it. So, the price is not bad.
Meat is thinner than the picture as usual.
Taste? It was not bad. I think you have to make tartar sauce.
Boild egg, mayonnaise, pepper, salt, chopped onion,soy sauce( a little), lemon juice. All mix together and blend. You can make a nice one.

Is this tasty?: Almond Milk.

I bought this at Costco. I think this is a new item.
They says, 60 calories by 1 cup, 50% more calcium than milk, rich in antioxidants, lactose-free, daily free.

And, vitamin A 10%, Iron 4%, Zinc 10%, copper 2%, Vitamin E 50% and more.

I tasted it and felt just like soy milk.
I have no problem with lactose but 1in 117 of Americans have problem. This might help those kind of people. And low calorie is good for everyone.

Kid’s chopsticks

Kids need kid’s sized chopsticks.
They don’t want to use regular sized chopsticks with rubber band.
In Japan, kids use their chopsticks as adults.
Using chopsticks is good for brains. The action of using chopsticks stimulates brain.
It is also good prevention of Alzheimer.

Kids chopsticks are free offer from Taka. It is free until supply last.
Please teach your kids how to use chopsticks.

Holiday Special: Fish War is just started.

I read this Japanese economic magazine and was really surprised. I will write this for you.

It is busy season in Tokyo Tsukiji fish market because of New year is coming.
The price of Blue fin tuna is 20%, crab is 30% higher than last year.
The reason is poor catching but the real reason is aggressive competition in the world.
People eat more fish than meat for healthy reason. Fish consumption is 30-50% up in last 30 years. It is 20kg(44lbs) per person a year. But China is more than US and Europe. Chinese eat 25kg per person a year. It is 500% in last 30 years.

FAO says 10% of fish shortage in 2015. Japanese eat 60kg per person a year and this is the top in the world.
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