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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Hara Hachibume?

My friend sent me this video.


He said Hara- hachibume at the end of the video.
What does it mean? Hara is stomach and hachibume is 80%.
We are fine with 80% of occupancy of stomach when we eat.
Do not eat more than 80% or full of stomach. That’s the way we keep our body in shape.
But I think we Japanese are forgetting about this. Hara-hachibume is the old word.
And we eat junk food in Japan. Some people still eat kelp and fish for their main food.
But many young generations eat fast food like here in the USA.
This video reminds me the old days.
I ‘ve eaten fish and kelp and vegetables most of the time until 18 years old.
Let’s do Hara-hachibume on Thanksgiving Day.

This is Music and Passion

I went to Las Vegas and saw Manilow.
That was great.
He just changed some parts for Christmas. I received that part from the newsletter after I got back to Atlanta.
$175 ticket was worth to pay. If you are not happy, frustrated, bored or something like that. Fly to Vegas and see this show. You will be happy.

It’s Holidays, I got a new chef pants.

This is cute, isn’t it!
I got this from chefwear.com.
I never bought it at original price. That was $35.
I bought this at $9.95 for clearance price.
I like this kind of design and they always sell at clearance price.

Kaki, Persimmon

This is kaki, persimmon. It is available all year around here in the USA. But real season is autumn.
We have a good proverb in Japan. ” When Kaki gets red (means mature), a doctor gets blue.”
Kaki has so many good nutrition. You can think just like apple. An apple a day keeps a doctor away.

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Japanese Antipasto

This is our new dish, Japanese antipasto.

From the right, Wasabi Octopus, Baby Octopus, Golden Scallop, Herring fish roe seaweed and Sea Cucumber.

It is good with Sake, wine and beer and good starter.