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Monthly Archives: November 2010

La Fourchette

We went to dine at La Fourchette. It was delicious. I thought French but was Mediterranean.
They carry French style and Italian style.
The taste was not heavy and good for our Japanese people.
It is located across the street from Bones.
404-748-1239 lafourchetteatlanta.com

Is this tasty?: Muesli

I like muesli. It feels like healthy. And yes it is healthy.
I can say muesli is Europe’s brown rice.
There are 2 types. One is non sugar and another one is sugar added.

You have to pick non sugar.
I normally eat it with regular cereal.
This is made is Switzerland means 100% natural.

I like this , no question.

Do you like ice cream? I like.
Haagen Dazs is now $2.99 at Kroger. So what?
I bought 6 the other day and 3 last night.
I normally eat 1 pt. a time.
I can eat it after beer, sake or wine.
Any excuse?
Yes, it is calcium. It makes strong bones.

American Tradition?

I was changing table top yesterday and found.
This is not the only one.
I removed 4 ABC gums from under the table.
ABC gum? My first American girlfriend taught me.
Already been chewed gum.
Most of our customers come with a couple.
If your partner try to dump ABC gum and try to stick under the table, that person should say something. “Can I give you a piece of paper?” “Why don’t you go to the bathroom?”
Sticking a gum under the table is American bad tradition, maybe. I do not do that.

New Decor at TAKA

I spent 2 days for cleaning may restaurant.
This is my vacation.
I add gold accent this time.
The picture is the behind of sushi bar. You can see the gold trim.
I like this.
I always say this is the last paint job. And I do and do it again.