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Monthly Archives: September 2010

A visitor from Japan

I had a visitor from Japan yesterday.
We used to work together at SOTO.
She left US in 1997 and came back in 13 years.
Look at this cute tenugui, Japanese hand towel.
She is from Nara and the picture is Daibutsu, Budda.
I believe Nara has the biggest sitting Budda in the world.
We have a standing Budda in Saitama, near by Tokyo and this one is the biggest Budda.
Nara is just welcoming 1300 years of history. Nara was a capitol of Japan before. Then it moved to Kyoto. Kyoto is well known in the world. Nara is 100-200 years older than Kyoto, maybe.

Is this good? Beef skewers

I bought this at Costco. They also sell Korean BBQ meat, blugogi.
I tried Bulgogi before and was not bad.
This pack comes with 4 beef skewers.
I feel bulgogi pack has more meat.
And they use same beef. So my opinion is OK, not bad.
It is $12.99.

Now, we serve Ankimo, monk fish pate.

We just started to serve ankimo, monk fish liver pate.
Our supplier carries almost year around. But I only serve autumn and winter.
Ankimo is winter dish. Or it was winter dish.
The picture is just made.
It is easy to make.
1, cure with sea salt.
2, wash with sake.
3, steam
4, cool down and eat.

Matsutake Mushroom, frozen

I bought matsutake mushroom from Japan.
The fresh one is coming soon hopefully but not yet.
I will make takikomi gohan, cooked rice with this mushroom for tomorrow lunch special.

From Our Lunch Menu

This is our Lunch special, Kajima A.
The name of Kajima comes from Kajima Construction, the leading general construction company in Japan.
Their office is located on Piedmont Ave. They have 18 Japanese workers and come to Taka often.
So, I make something good bento style lunch for them.

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