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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Sapporo Girls

We had Japan Fest on Saturday and Sunday.
Yes, they are Sapporo Girls.
Look at me. I lost weight. You could tell from my face.
It was because of hard working.

Is this tasty?: Fruitables

I saw the TV CM of this the other day. I do not think this is good.
It is just fruit juice and does not feel vegetables.
There are 4 flavors and none of them are good.
I always buy something new at Costco and they are good most of the time. But this is not like that.

Ama-ebi head?

I was reading some comments from users. This is not my restaurant.
They ordered Sweet Shrimp, Ama-ebi. And they complained that they did not get fried head.
And they asked the waitress. The waitress said that if they did not ask, they could not get.
I think this right. But this customer did not happy and said that ama-ebi with fried head was normal things.

I think if they need, they need ask. Some people want it, but some people do not want it.
We cannot make fried head automatically. It is waste of time and get oil dirty.

Is this good?: Chilean Pink Lady

I do my Japanese blog same way {Is this tasty?}. And I do more in English blog.

This is Pink Lady from Chile. I like Pink Lady apple.
Costco used to sell it from WA. But this one is from Chile.
It is bad. Don’t buy this. Chilean grape was good before.
Also, I can say same thing about orange.
CA Orange is good for eat. But South Africa orange is not tasty.

My dog’s birthday

Chelsea becomes 5 years old today.
She still behaves like a baby.