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Monthly Archives: August 2010

This might be yours.

Let me introduce farm raised madai, sea bream.
Look at this stomach. It is full with fat.
They don’t swim well. They eat food, not fish or kelp.
So, they get fat naturally.
Is this same as some Americans? No, not some Americans, many Americans.
Do work hard and move your body and walk well.
I always feel this not great.

This toro is super!

This is one of the best toro.
It is very good but tuna part is very small.
That’s a problem. 80% of people eat tuna and only 20% of people eat toro. But this is 20% is tuna and 80% is toro.
Anyway, this is very good and must try.
I think this tuna is available untl Tuesday.

Something Delicious from Japan

1, Gobo Konbu, Burdock with kelp
This is pickle and very tasty with cranky texture.
2, Umeboshi, Pickled Japanese plum.
We love this but it is salty and sour most of the time. But this plum contains only 8% of salt. I can eat it by itself.
3, Myoga amazu, pickled Japanese ginger
I get fresh one right now. It is harvest season. And I made same way last year but could not make as this.
These items are available right now.

Nuka-zuke, Rice Yeast Pickle

I just started nuka-zuke. It took 2 weeks to set up.
I bought kome-nuka, rice dust from Farmers Market.
Rice Dust? It is from brown rice. White rice comes from brown rice. When brown rice mill, kome nuka comes out. So, I say rice dust.
But this is a fortune of health.
It contains Vitamin E, B1, B2, iron, fiber, calcium and more.
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Echelon, the best golf course of this year.

I think Echelon is the best golf course of this year. I played on Sunday. The original play fee was $89 but I received promotion and got $59.
This is former Georgia Tech home course and has a huge practice range, well maintained fairway, nice rough. I can not say about green. It is because of high heat summer and all golf course’s greens are dying.
Anyway, this course is very beautiful and clean, difficult, fun.
If you like to play golf, need to come this course.
The picture is No.10.

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