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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Beauty grows

She and I used to work together at Atlanta Fish Market in 1999.

She was only 18 years old at that time.

She came to my restaurant with mother in 2002.

And she suddenly came back again yesterday.

I did not realize but thought what a beautiful lady.

She told me that she moved to NYC.

Lunch business is coming.

We start Lunch from August 2nd.
What is the big surprise for this?
It is fukusai, side dishes.
We offer traditional Japanse side dishes.
Kinpira is sauteed gobo and carrot.
Shira-ae is spinach with tofu paste.
Okara is tofu dust. Sorry for bad image but tastes good.
Hijiki is special seaweed.
Kiriboshi Daikon is cooked dried daikon radish.

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Nigori Sake is very popular.

I don’t know why but we sell a lots of nigori sake recently.
I asked our supplier and had same answers.

I believe one of reasons is easy to drink because of a little bit sweet.
And milky touch also can drink easily.

So, we are expanding nigori sake.
A small one is Kizakura, yellow cherry.
And, the black label one is Tsu ki no Katsura. It is hard to translate but moon something. Tsuki means moon.

So, we carry 4 different nigori sake.

Fresh Blue fin Ohtoro.

I do not know this is real or fake?
It is blue fin tuna and fresh.
I need to make sure this is wild caught or farm raised.
Frozen blue fin toro is everywhere.
I carry sometimes when I do not have wild caught one.
This is so— good and much much better than frozen toro.

Myoga is available.

I do not know how many people know this vegetables.
Myoga is a kind of ginger.
And this is sprout but flower comes from here later.
We make pickle or slice and eat with sashimi.
It is available for 2 months only.
I normally get in August from my garden.
But this one is from my employee’s home.
Please try it. Some people like this strong flavor and some people do not like this strong flavor.