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Monthly Archives: June 2010

We are still open!!

You might know that after Repast, Joel announced to close the door.
Bad economy? Yes, it is. We are losing so many high end customers in Buckhead. But so what?
We also get new customers from all over the US. It is break-even.
Actually our sales was dropping from last May. 10% of sales was reducing every month.
But I tried to make money and did. I changed the suppliers or add new suppliers. And I can keep same profit under 10-15% of sales down.
This month’s sales is great. It is approaching same sales as last year.
And we will open lunch business from August. We are doing well.
Yes, we are doing well because we take care of our customers well.
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Kochi, Bartail Flathead

Kochi, English name is bartail flat head. I used to catch Small sized kochi when I was young.
This is great white meat with texture.
It is available this weekend.

Sama kawa karei, Shark skin sole

I got this last winter.
It is sole but deep ocean sole and has fat.
This fat is very tasty.
If you see the meat after cut, can tell the shiny means fat.
It is available all this weekend.

Hamo, Pike Eel

We had this fish one time last year. Hamo is the typical summer fish in Japan.

There are so many bones and need to cut them. The right picture was that. It shows before cut ( bottome)and after cut(top).
I boiled and soak in the cold water. Eat with pickled plum soy sauce.
This is a special occasion for Japanese party on Saturday. But I will get every Thursday from next week.