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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Chicken Nanban

Let’s make country Japanese style fried chicken.
It is called chicken nanban. It is not from Tokyo, Osaka or my hometown Hiroshima.
It is from Miyazaki. Where is Miyazaki ? It is in Kyushu Island.
Miyazaki is a kind of tropical state and famous for expensive mango and more. Miyazaki mango is tasty and the price is $50-$60 per fruit. I never tasted it.

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Good tuna is available.

I go really good tuna yesterday.
Bigeye and no worm in it.
This beautiful red meat is great,
Toro need to wait one more day to eat.
toro need aging sometimes.
Super fresh is hard to eat.

If you have Camry, need to be careful.

I went to Toyota dealer last week.
I was really surprised with this recall.
I have a 2007 Camry Hybrid. It was a good car and no problem. But this car was one of the recall models.
It took 90 minutes. I just drove home and saw how was it.
There are 2 pictures. The left one is from Tundra and the right one if from Camry.
You can see how ugly Camry’s pedal. They did not install a new pedal. They just cut the bottom.
I was shocked and called a few friends. Then, I posted my Japanese blog. I showed the pictures to many friends. Everybody had same opinion. This is not the right way.

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