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Monthly Archives: March 2010

I respect Paul Hobbs

We had a good-bye party last week. On of golf friends is leaving for NJ.
We drunk 4 different Paul Hobbs cabernet sauvignon.
1st. Crossbarn $80-$100
2nd. Napa Valley $120-$180
3rd. Stagecoarch, Napa Valley $250-$300
4th. Oacville $350-$500
The prices are restaurant serving price. And we shared these with 10 people.
It was a good experience.
I am not a rich guy. I like Marshall’s shopping. I am a cheap guy. But I spend money for wines.
We cannot tell anything without tasting.
One of my dreams is opening Romanee Conti, French wine. The price is around $4000- unlimited. I am very far from this wine, but I will open in the future.

Komachi men

Something new for you.
This is Komachi men.
This is rice noodle from Akita.
Akita? You might know the name of Akita.
This is not a dog noodle.
Akita is the name of prefecture just south of Hokkaido.
And Akita is famous for Akita Komachi rice.

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Seki Aji

This is really good.
This is Aji, Japanese jack fish but not ordinary one.
It is called Seki Aji. Seki is the brand name. It is from Ohita prefecture. Seki is just between Kyushu island and shikoku island.
This are is very narrow and sea srtream is very fast.
It means can get high quality fish.
Seki Aji and Seki Saba are famous from this area.
Of course the price is more expensive than ordinary aji but taste is much better than that.

High Mountain tea

I sent a newsletter this Monday about pollen allergy prevention.
I drink special oolong tea every day.
The left one is from China. Ankei oolong tea.
Ant the right one is dong din oolong tea from Taiwan.
Both are not same oolong tea but are same high mountain tea.
An I tested it with my body. Both of them worked well.
You can buy at Buford Hwy. farmers Market.
You have to drink 10 cups daily.
I know it is not easy. And do not add anything like sugar. Just drink straight.

Tenryo Sake and Gero City, Japan

May I introduce new sake?This is super.
Both are from same brewery.
Tenryo sake brewery was established in 1680. It is located in Gero, Gifu. Gifu is just north of Nagoya, headquarter of Toyota.
A son of Tenryo brwwery lives in Pensacola, FL.Why he is there? This is a good question.
Gero and Pensacola are sisster city relationship.
The right one is sold at Asian grocery store in Doraville area. The name of sake is Hida No Homare, Honor of Hida. Hoda is old name of Gero area.
And the left one is super premium. The name of sake is Tenryo. This daiginjyo sake is served at Japanese Air force One. So, I guess Japanese emperor, royal family, prime minister drink.

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